Whatever your commercial or industrial real estate need is, we can help.

We strive to exceed each client’s expectation, no matter the size or requirements.  

As the need for retail and office space has increased, the marketing and research efforts of the Breeden Commercial team has proven successful. With a philosophy of exceeding the expectation of each client, no matter what the size or requirements might be, the Breeden Commercial team works to satisfy each clients specific needs.

Industrial, commercial, retail, land, multi-family: Commercial real estate has different sectors.  

At Breeden, we provide services across the spectrum. We do work in all commercial real estate sectors.


If the term “brokerage” is a little hazy to you, you’re not alone.  

Let’s put it this way: If you’re a stock broker, you sell stocks. If you’re a real estate broker, you lease and sell real estate.

At Breeden Commercial, we lease and sell real estate.


If you have questions about commercial real estate – buying, selling, leasing or renting – come in and talk to us before you act. We’ll find a solution for you.


Need someone to fill your property? We’ll help you find a tenant.

Or perhaps you’re a tenant who needs a different location. We’ll find that for you, too.


We have developed in excess 1,000 acres of industrial land in Bartholomew County. When you hire us for your development, we do the work for you. On your behalf, we navigate through zoning, annexation, permitting, infrastructure and construction. We are like painters taking a blank canvas and creating a beautiful picture.

We’ll turn your undeveloped land into picture-perfect commercial real estate results.

Site Selection

You want to build, but where? We will guide them through the search to find the right fit. Our extensive market knowledge will get you through the process and quickly put you on the path to building.

Ready to experience the "Breeden Advantage"?

If you’re ready to work with south central Indiana’s no. 1 provider of commercial and industrial real estate services, call, text, or send us an e-mail.

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